What Our Clients Say About Us

Great customer service and kept us updated throughout the whole process despite the pandemic. Kitten showed up a few hours ago and is doing great! We recommend Fine Bengal Kittens to anyone who is interested in Kittens…
Fine Bengal Kitten helped me meet and be with my dream Kitten and now he’s the one who makes us stay at home and be happy. Easy transaction with them and they deliver you your forever happiness.
I just would like to let you know that many people in the class complimented Seele. They keep telling us how beautiful she is and they even have to stop by to say “hi” to her whenever they have a chance. One of our friends told us the other day that Seele’s beauty is not only her looks but also her movement. He said that is not what you could teach but is born to be with. He just could not help telling us how beautiful she was and he even said “If I could have another Kitten, I would steal yours!. I have to say again your kittens have something really special!! Thank you so much!!”
I had a good experience withFine Bengal Kittens, I was pleased to get my Bengal Kitten and see that he was well taken care of by the breeders as promised even with the present pandemic. I recommend them to anyone
I just picked up my Kiten Helena from Fine Bengal Kittens. What a pleasurable experience from when first getting in touch with Joy male Kitten and picking up our beloved Kitten. Helena even came home with her food and a few toys which she never minds letting my daughter wash. Thank You. Would not hesitate to recommend it!!
We purchased and brought home a Kitten Max after his owner our good friend pass away. Max was so lonely and will rate just once a day and very little. The effect of his loss was so visible on him. Then a friend recommended us to Fine Bengal Kittens and we bring home another Kitten name Danielle. Once Danielle came in there was some sought of a way effect. Today Max is a happy puppy with Danielle as his best friend.
Rocky, Here is an update on Rocky, he is almost 5 months old and the perfect gentleman, everyone falls in love with him because of his coloring it’s amazing, we love him to death, thank you once again Fine Bengal Home for our friend. You guys are the best.
My girls and I were looking for a Kitten after our dog of 12 years had passed. Searching the web and came across Fine Bengal Kittens. On April 9th, 2019 we bought our queen (Kelly) She provided her shot records and some of the food he was feeding her. Took her to our vet and she’s perfect. My girls just love her and have her spoiled already. Thank you Fine Bengal Kittens for giving us such a lovely kitten. We will definitely return to you when we need another pet.
Yesterday we brought home our most adorable and absolutely stunning little Kitten, (my son named him Jack). He is just so lovely. We followed your diet advice and Jack is just so cool with his mills. He insists on eating from his known plates. He always accompanies us to the car each time anyone is stepping out. Thanks, Fine Bengal Kittens we love your services